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Feature Overview: Form Builder

Posted on January 23rd, 2014

Gather information from your users with our intuitive Form Builder. Create beautiful web forms in seconds, no matter how basic or complex.

zeckoShop Admin Panel

The Form Builder screen in the zeckoShop Admin Panel offers an extensive amount of configurations to make sure you have all the necessary options to create the perfect form. Here are some highlights:

  • Create an unlimited amount of forms.
  • Add an unlimited number of recipients to any form submissions.
  • Easily deactivate any form at any time without deleting it.
  • Save any form submissions to the site for you to retrieve it later via export.
  • Each form is fully translatable.
  • Add any type of form field (text field, dropdown, checkbox, radio button, or large text area).
  • Control every field's default value and also its label.
  • Add custom content above and below any form.
  • Include a CAPTCHA widget to prevent spam.


Feature Overview: Product Images

Posted on January 22nd, 2014

Due to the virtual nature of ecommerce, customers normally don't have the opportunity to touch, smell, taste, or otherwise handle the products they are interested in. This makes product images one of the most important ecommerce design aspects.

Sounds like a lot of work? Think again! All your product images are automatically synced from your ERP/accounting software and generated to your specific requirements, giving you options such as image dimensions, size, background colour, etc. You can also easily add supplemental images.

Here are some of the neat features we offer:

  • Enlarge images by clicking on them.
  • Magnify images by hovering over them.
  • Display a carousel of supplemental images.

Your product images will appear throughout your site, so we recommend using professional-looking images. After all, the more confident your customers feel about purchasing from you, the better your conversion rate will be.

Feature Overview: Quantity Breaks (Tiered Pricing)

Posted on January 22nd, 2014

Offering quantity breaks (also known as tiered pricing) is a great way to increase your sales by encouraging your customers to buy in bulk. Here's how it works:

  • You set up the quantity ranges for any product, and any of its units-of-measurement.
  • You decide what the reduced prices are for all the different quantity ranges.
  • When a customer adds a product to their shopping cart, the price of that product will dynamically update to the appropriate tier price.

Once you've set up your quantity breaks, we can display the tiered pricing tables in the product previews and the product details pages, so that your customers instantly know the savings they'll get when they buy in bulk.

Oh, did we mention that all quantity breaks get dynamically pulled from your ERP/accounting software? There's no need to manually enter all that data specifically for your website. It's just there, and it just works!

Quantity Breaks in Product Previews

Quantity Breaks on Product Details Pages

Feature Overview: Product Stock Indicator

Posted on November 6th, 2013

Whether you want to create a sense of urgency, or simply provide your customers with as much useful information as possible, displaying a stock indicator is a fantastic way to increase sales and enhance your customers' shopping experience.

Display Options for the Stock Indicator

You can customize how you want the stock indicator to be displayed in the product previews and product details pages.

  1. Display an icon only

When “Show an icon only” is selected, an in-stock icon will show when the product’s quantity is above zero, and an out-of-stock icon will show when the product’s stock is zero or less.

  1. Display an icon and a text/numeric quantity value

When this option is selected, more options will appear:

Max Quantity Messages: When this is enabled, the product’s stock will be be evaluated.  If that value is greater than or equal to the amount you specify, the message you also specify will be displayed to the user next to the “in-stock” icon.

Low Quantity Messages: When this is enabled, the product’s stock will be be evaluated.  If that value is less than or equal to the amount you specify, the message you also specify will be displayed to the user next to the “low-stock” icon.

Backorder Messages: When this is enabled, the “out-of-stock” icon will appear, and either a generic backorder message you specify will be displayed, or else you can select a product’s custom field value to be displayed by choosing the custom field.

Stock Levels for Multiple Warehouses

Each warehouse’s stock levels can be displayed, giving users the ability to see what stock is available in other warehouses in addition to the default warehouse.

Editor's Note: This post was written with zeckoShop version 3.7.0 (released in November 2013) in mind. The configuration of previous and future versions may vary slightly.