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zeckoShop 3.8 "Oscar" has just been released!

Posted on February 5th, 2014

Every 3 months, we release a new version of zeckoShop that includes many new important features, enhancements, and fixes. We are thrilled to announce our first release of 2014 – zeckoShop 3.8 "Oscar"!

New Features

  • New responsive Admin Panel design with support for any screen size (and now with iPad support!)
  • The Affiliates module has been updated with new functionality, new widgets, and significant improvements.
  • User/admin permissions for the Admin Panel screens are now available.
  • Users can now be approved and/or activated per site.
  • Pre-order pricing is now available.


  • Cleaner print pages are now available.
  • Admin Panel backend frameworks have been upgraded.
  • The Moneris payment module now stores configuration details based on currency.
  • PayPal has been updated to version 109.0.
  • The AR transaction tables has improved data retrieval speed.
  • Ability to apply an order total rule to a shipping provider.
  • The "Ratings and Reviews" form can now include a reCAPTCHA widget to prevent spam.
  • Notification when a user changes their address.
  • More translatable text is now available throughout the site.
  • Form submissions can now be exported (learn more about our Form Builder).

There were also many more enhancements and fixes included in this release for you to enjoy. We're now hard at work on version 3.9 – due for release in May 2014!

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Sage partners up with Terracor for eBusinessVision ecommerce solution

Posted on August 8th, 2013

Today is a special day for us at Terracor, as we announce that our partnership with Sage is growing stronger than ever.

If you haven't heard, Sage has just sent a very important notice to all their Sage eBusinessVision customers. The gist — Sage is dropping support for their long time eBusinessVision ecommerce solution in favour of Terracor's very own zeckoShop ecommerce platform.

We are offering a smooth and efficient transition from Sage’s eBusinessVision solution onto our zeckoShop ecommerce platform. We knew that this special partnership with Sage deserved a special solution, so we went ahead and created a brand new edition of zeckoShop called, (you guessed it) zeckoShop Special Edition.

We are thrilled to welcome all Sage eBusinessVision customers to the zeckoShop family. For more information, visit our zeckoShop Special Edition page.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Letter from Sage to all eBusinessVision customers

Posted on August 7th, 2013

Sage has just sent out a very important notice to their customers regarding changes to all Sage eBusinessVision accounts. The letter can be found below, and be sure to visit our zeckoShop Special Edition page for more details.

Dear Sage eBusinessVision Customer,

Important changes are coming to your Sage eBusinessVision account that requires your action. Starting September 30, 2013, Sage eBusinessVision will be replaced with a product offered by Terracor Business Solutions.  A long time Sage partner, Terracor Business Solutions makes zeckoShop Special Edition—a modern, feature rich, and highly acclaimed e-commerce solution designed specifically for small businesses that is fully integrated with Sage BusinessVision and, for a limited time, is being offered to Sage eBusinessVision customers at a special price.

Your immediate action is required because, due to contract requirements, all Sage eBusinessVision data must be removed from the Sage servers by 9:00 AM Pacific Time September 30, 2013.  You will not have access to the data after this date. Additionally, no further charges to your Sage eBusinessVision account will be made after this date (or as of the date you move to zeckoShop, whichever happens first). Terracor Business Solutions is ready to begin your transition from Sage eBusinessVision to zeckoShop. To take advantage of the special pricing and to begin your transition, contact:  

Leo Cloutier
Terracor Business Solutions
204.477.5342 ext 114
877.942.0005 (Toll Free)

In addition, the Terracor Business Solutions team will be contacting you shortly to provide more information about zeckoShop Special Edition and what it can do for your business, including an overview of features, an outline of the transition process, and the cost.

We greatly appreciate your business and that you are a long time Sage BusinessVision customer. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Sage BusinessVision account manager at 800-725-0724 for more information.  As always, we are here to help.


The Sage BusinessVision Team

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Welcome to our new zeckoShop website!

Posted on February 8th, 2013

We are thrilled to announce that we've just launched our completely new website. Have a look around and let us know what you think!

Alongside our new website, we're also launching the zeckoShop Ecommerce Blog. Here we'll be covering all our latest news, events, press, helpful resources, and much more. Be sure to subsribe to our RSS feed to be the first to receive all of our latest blog posts.

Stay Connected With Us

You can also engage with us in plenty of other places like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We hope to see you around!

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