Feature Overview: Form Builder

Posted on January 23rd, 2014

Gather information from your users with our intuitive Form Builder. Create beautiful web forms in seconds, no matter how basic or complex.

zeckoShop Admin Panel

The Form Builder screen in the zeckoShop Admin Panel offers an extensive amount of configurations to make sure you have all the necessary options to create the perfect form. Here are some highlights:

  • Create an unlimited amount of forms.
  • Add an unlimited number of recipients to any form submissions.
  • Easily deactivate any form at any time without deleting it.
  • Save any form submissions to the site for you to retrieve it later via export.
  • Each form is fully translatable.
  • Add any type of form field (text field, dropdown, checkbox, radio button, or large text area).
  • Control every field's default value and also its label.
  • Add custom content above and below any form.
  • Include a CAPTCHA widget to prevent spam.