Importance of Product Images

Posted on November 10th, 2014

 When gone through an online shopping site for purchasing a product, I could not spot the right product that I was looking for. The page in front of my eyes was with white background with black letters on it that conveyed €no figure€ as a cautionary note. I often get frustrated when having such an issue that holds me from online shopping. Hold on a second, have you perceived what I am on for? Yes, besides the white background the product image hold an important role in ecommerce site.

An online shopping depends upon its design, product, image, website speed, security, navigation, selection, pricing etc but the most important factor from all these is the product image for specific products. Images sell the product and the quality of the images decides the growth of ecommerce business as well as the purchase level for specific products. Most of the consumers favors in quality based images for selecting and purchasing their products. As quality of the image has an important role in selection and purchasing of a product. In online shopping, the only way to have an interaction with the product is through the images. Images become interactive and can bridge the gap between the consumers and the product. In addition, product image can boost up or helps in the growth of the total views. Hike in total views benefit in the business outcome. Adding images to specific product category matters a lot. High quality images are more preferred than a normal image which can be a contrary.

Product image is not an option. In online shopping consumers get to know about the product only through images, where as shopping in physical world is more lively through sensory experiences, like can have a touch and knows the product well. But in the case of online shopping, the only means of product interaction is through images. Image quality is the chief trait, product data entry, product description, product information, specification, reviews, ratings etc all these write ups takes second position. These write ups are powerless to create a similar effect to that of which a product image give on. Good image persuade consumers to buy that specific product which in turn can have a gain in business. It even can built trust in the products and the store. Best product image sites are easily noted and built trust towards the products and sites as well.

Product image can be a contrary when it comes to blurred images. Product image processing are categorized in many. Main type of these is the textured type of images in which the image is snapped at extreme close up. It makes ease in finding the texture and built quality of the product that fill the gap in between physical shopping and online shopping.

For focusing more on product's size images are taken accordingly, focusing on its usage the product images are duly taken. Product can be familiarized to consumers by snapping it from different angles, so that its each and every angle is seen by the consumers. Zooming of the product is another feature that boost up the image and which make the consumers closer to the product.

When uploading an image, as said earlier it should be in high quality, and must be maximum optimized in accordance with the requirement. For an example furniture placed in white background with a shadow effect will be catchier for the consumers and a diamond placed in pink background can be more attractive.

Visual impact is more effective than verbal expression. Images can become the selling point.