Building a New eCommerce Site

Posted on January 12th, 2015



Are you planning to launch an online portal to reach out to your customers to provide additional coverage of your retail customers. Maybe you wish to enhance and streamline your business to business sales. If yes, an E-Commerce web design is a solid marketing/sales tool to reach the target audience instantly. E-commerce is a competitive field as your rivals are already taking advantage of this.

If your prospective customers does not like your website or design, they will simply look for another portal to buy products. To gain more customers and their attention, you need to make sure that website is user-friendly.It does not matter if the prices are low or you have the best products in the market; if the customers fail to navigate the portal it would be difficult for them to reach to the desired product or service. 


To keep them on your site or client portal, you need to make the buying process easy and quick for them. So, to make the buying process easy for them, design a usable E-commerce website that can bring higher conversion rates and allow customers to place orders when they want to.

Call to Action and Sign up Buttons call to action buttons to build high conversion rates and improve site visibility. The call to action button helps the customers to reach to desired product section instantly.

Buying without Following Registration Process Avoid lengthy signup forms that take time for successful registration. To serve your customers satisfactorily, you may not need to ask their address and contact details. A simple e-mail address and password may be just sufficient for you. Online shoppers hate the long and tedious registration process to finalize a product. Allow your guests to check out the products and then ask them if they want to sign-up to get newsletters. Such ways help to enhance the sales, improve customer retention and reduce the cart abandonment.

Search Function through search functionality, customers easily find what they are looking for, making their shopping experience more satisfying.

Breadcrumb Navigation while placing orders, the buyers need to know where they stand in the purchase process. In absence of breadcrumb navigation, customers think that shopping procedures is lengthy and they may abandon their purchase in between.

Get the Shopping Cart E-commerce website seems incomplete unless it has a shopping cart. Therefore, you need to be assure that your portal has a shopping cart that ensures that your website is reputable and has features to protect the privacy of the buyers.

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