We've built many great add-ons to make your already awesome zeckoShop solution even better.


Digital & Print Media Catalog Solutions

zeckoCatalog lets you design and produce professional looking and graphically rich product catalogs for print or digital output, directly from your desktop. Features advanced image support, multi-language & multi-currency catalogs, custom data fields, and much more.

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EFT Payment Solution

zeckoPay is an integrated electronic payment (EFT) solution for businesses. Use zeckoPay to process supplier and employee payroll payments electronically, directly from your Sage BusinessVision software. You control the entire payment process.

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 eBay Store Integration Module

  • This module enables you to connect your eBay website to your zeckoShop backend, providing you a means to have multiple webstores serving your customers. Products from your zeckoShop content management system sync up to your eBay store, and orders get downloaded from your eBay store into your ERP/Accounting software. Your eBay store could even be skinned to appear as your main zeckoShop webstore, for consistency in branding.
  • The eBay store is an excellent way to display and sell surplus or clearance inventory.

Exploded Product Image Map

Ideal for Ordering Replacement Parts

  • This zeckoShop add-on module enables your customers to quickly locate and order replacement parts directly from mapped product images on your website. It eliminates the need to have salespeople involved in the process and ensures your customer's order the right replacements parts they need.
  • The module links specific parts from your inventory to specific coordinates on a product schematic drawing. Customers can simply order replacement parts from your website, simply by visually locating the part they need directly from the schematic drawing. By clicking on the specific part or parts, those product details are displayed, and can be added to the customer's order.
  • The Exploded Product Image Maps features a number of excellent benefits, including more controls over how your customers order replacement parts for your products over the web.

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Custom Hose Builder

The Custom Hose Builder is an ideal enhancement to your zeckoShop website, in situations where you sell industrial products such as custom made-to-order hoses. Customers can easily create a customized order of unique custom hoses. This module can be adapted to other products other than industrial hoses.

Custom Sign Builder

If you're in the business of creating custom signs, the Custom Sign Builder module is an ideal enhancement to your zeckoShop website. Customers can easily design and customize their desired signs directly from your website, enabling you to generate additional revenue from this online self-service module.

See a working example on one of our clients' website

Vehicle Search Module (VSM)

  • The VSM is designed to manage and sell application-specific parts. Application-specific parts are typically those that fit a certain Year, Make, and Model of vehicle or other similar manufacturer's product.
  • This module allows customers to make application-specific filtered searched of your products, and quickly view the subset of products that are relevant to them.
  • The Manufacturer's Product Search Module is perfectly suited for any business that sells parts that are designed for specific equipment, such as automotive vehicles.