Product Overview

zeckoShop is a powerful, feature-rich, all-in-one ecommerce platform designed to seamlessly integrate with your business operations.

Top Reasons for Choosing zeckoShop

  • Integration to ERP / Accounting software.
  • Fully customizable website.
  • Expand to international markets, with support for multiple languages and multiple currencies.
  • zeckoShop Go enables your mobile sales rep to sell more efficiently.
  • Supports B2B and B2C commerce, all from one website, or from separate websites.
  • Multiple editions to serve any sized business.
  • New features being added regularly.
  • Complete turnkey solutions, all in-house (no need to engage with multiple vendors to accomplish your web initiatives).
  • Marketing and promotional tools to help draw customers back to your website.

Ways to Deploy zeckoShop

zeckoShop can be suitable for any form of web deployment, no matter how simple or complex your needs are. For example, consider zeckoShop for any of the following:

  • You simply want a website to promote your company and products, but don't want to offer web ordering capabilities.
  • You want a means for customers to log in securely and view private customer information such as product pricing, account information, sales history, AR balances, etc.
  • You want to have an integrated website and e-commerce solution, one that promotes products to your private customers and/or to end consumers, with the ability to add new customers on the fly.
  • You want to offer a private web portal for your salespeople, sale agents and others who need web access to customer information and sales order processing. You want to give these salespeople a means to process sales orders via mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, or portable computers in a connected environment, or even in an offline mode.
  • You want to implement a full reaching enterprise-wide website/webstore, complete with online shopping capabilities, with integration with multiple partners, integrated shipping and payment processing, multi-currency and multi-warehouse shopping, and much more.


Invest in Your Business

Everyone is concerned about getting a good return on their investment. Here are just a few ways you can benefit from having a zeckoShop integrated website.

Increase Sales & Revenue

With all of the tangible and intangible benefits you can derive from zeckoShop, the obvious outcome of improved relationships with existing customers and attracting new customers, is increasing your sales volumes. While this may be hard to quantify precisely, ask yourself what a 10% increase in sales might mean to your bottom line? Some of our zeckoShop clients have reported increases in sales exceeding 75% or more. This kind of astonishing achievement can be yours too, with the right tools supporting your web commerce initiatives.

The world wide nature of the web allows you to reach beyond your local geographic markets. Imagine if you had salespeople located in every city or town in every market space you play in. With zeckoShop, you will. Think about all of the new customers you’ll attract.

Improve Internal Operations & Efficiency

Benefits from zeckoShop can mean real tangible costs savings. Sometimes these costs are obvious, and sometimes they’re hidden in the manual and repetitive tasks your employees engage in every day. With zeckoShop, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce the number of phone calls you handle from customers and prospects regarding routine inquiries. Let the website serve them with account and product information, including product MSDS sheets, user guides, support information and other information you routinely provide to your customers.
  • Customers will be able to securely log into your website and access their account information, past orders, pay their open invoices, and much more.
  • Integration to your ERP/Accounting software means the elimination of redundant data entry and data management tasks.
  • Automation of manual processes and tasks eliminates the need to have those tasks performed by employees.

There are many other savings you can expect, so just comb through the tasks that you perform now and calculate how much time it currently takes you to perform these tasks.

Improve Customer Service

Some benefits of your new webstore may indeed be hard to quantify in pure dollars. Some of these benefits however will be invaluable, as they will enable you to strengthen your customer relationships

  • A self serve customer portal means customers can obtain information from you at their convenience. zeckoShop enables you to provide a private and secure portal for your customers.
  • The very nature of a webstore enables you to expand your operating hours to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What would that cost you if you had to staff these hours?
  • If you service a market beyond your geographic area, your customer’s in other time zones will appreciate the extended ability to view products online, place orders, and review their account details, including status of open orders, order history, and more.

ERP / Accounting Software Integration

zeckoShop is uniquely designed to be integrated to your current accounting and business management software. The level of integration offered within zeckoShop is extensive, such that product information, customer details, sales history and much more are synced from your ERP/Accounting software to your website.

In addition, sales orders placed online on the website are automatically downloaded and inserted into your ERP/Accounting software. The level of automation eliminates much of the need for manual data entry or import/export processes, freeing up your resources to perform more value-added activities.