Web Hosting

We understand your need for an effective hosted solution that lets you truly harness the vast possibilities of the internet.

For this reason, Terracor Business Solutions has partnered up with Canadian Web Hosting. Our servers have been optimized for zeckoShop, for superior performance and reliability. When you entrust your zeckoShop hosting requirements with Terracor, you'll get the following:

  • Cast-iron reliability
  • Increased security
  • Reduced costs
  • Certified support
  • Lightning-fast load times
  • A single point of contact for all of your online business needs.
  • Peace-of-mind knowing that your server software is always up to date and monitored 365/24/7.
  • Canadian-based hosting, which means all domestic connections are governed by Canadian privacy laws.
  • Daily backups of your data
  • 24/7 host server monitoring
zMobile1 zBasic zBalanced
Storage 10GB 10GB 20GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Domains 1* 1* 3*
Access to DNS Management Tools No No Yes
Dedicated IP Addresses 1* 1* 3*
MySQL Databases 1* 1* 3*
PCI Compliant Hosting Yes Yes Yes
Email Addresses No No 20
Spam Filtering No No Yes
Antivirus (Email) No No Yes
SSH Access Yes Yes Yes
FTP over SSH Yes Yes Yes
Plesk Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
Uptime 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
Daily Backup Yes Yes Yes
Hardware Firewall Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Host Server Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
zeckoShop Mobile Services Hosting Yes Yes Yes
Cost/Month $20 $50 $70

PCI Compliance

Our hosting service is PCI compliant, meaning it meets the stringent PA-DSS requirements for online credit card handling and processing. PCI compliance isn’t a luxury or an option, it’s a requirement as outlined in the new industry regulations imposed by the PCI Security Standards Council. The PCI DSS is a multifaceted security standard that includes requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures.

This comprehensive standard is intended to help organizations proactively protect customer account data. Your zeckoShop website and your zeckoShop Optimized Hosting Service are verified to ensure compliance with these PCI standards.

Learn more about PCI Compliance

zeckoShop Hosting FAQs

How does the zeckoShop hosting service compare to other 3rd party hosting providers?

We consider the zeckoShop hosting service as an exclusive "specialty hosting service", and not just some generic hosting plan that allows anyone to join the club. Only zeckoShop clients are entitled to use our hosting service. This exclusivity means we won’t be overloading the servers, which in itself will ensure the quality of the service and overall performance of the hosted websites.

Our intentions are not to compete with other hosting providers on price or coverage. There are thousands of hosting providers that claim to offer the lowest price and best service. We believe you get what you pay for, and often times these hosting providers have absolutely no knowledge of the web commerce framework you’re using, and therefore cannot offer any optimization or advice as it relates to that. In fact, we know we’re not the cheapest solution out there, and that’s because we’ve tailored our hosting service to the needs of zeckoShop clients only. We strongly believe we offer a better overall value proposition.

What advantage do I have by selecting zeckoShop hosting service over a 3rd party hosting provider?

zeckoShop hosting is optimized for hosting zeckoShop websites/webstores.

What does it mean to say a site is "optimized" for zeckoShop?

Terracor's service and support technicians are familiar with the hosting requirements of your zeckoShop website, including the intricate details of the software components that comprise the entire zeckoShop ecommerce suite. In addition, the various databases and other relevant components are configured for optimal performance of a zeckoShop-based website, including the synchronization of data between your website and your backend ERP/accounting software. Optimization in this fashion, together with the familiarity of your website framework would not be attainable with other hosting providers.

If my site does down, do you offer a service uptime guarantee?

Rather than offering minor monetary guarantees like many other hosting service providers offer, Terracor offers a service uptime commitment. This means that if your site goes down, we'll commit to providing prompt and efficient resolution to the issue. We'll work diligently to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible, to minimize the impact on your business.

While other host providers may offer minimal money back guarantees in these situations, a careful review of those guarantees reveals what amounts to a token monetary compensation, which does little to resolve the actual problem. We believe a service commitment is where attention should be focused.

If I choose to use a 3rd party hosting provider, and not Terracor's hosting services, will I be charged for services provided by Terracor that relate to the hosting support?

Yes, if you are not using zeckoShop Hosting service, and you request our help in diagnosing an issue with your site that turns out to be an issue with your hosting service, you will charged for our time on that support ticket, at our standard billing rate of $150/hr. Billing rates subject to change without notice. Minimum charges may apply.

Unfortunately, too often we get saddled with the responsibility to diagnose and fix issues that turn out to be an issue with the host. We normally require that you first check with the hosting service provider to ensure they are not the ones causing the issue. If you are using zeckoShop hosting service, you avoid these potential hassles.

Please note that the option of using a third party hosting provider for zeckoShop Small Business Edition is not an option.

Why can't I use a 3rd party hosting provider for zeckoShop Small Business Edition?

zeckoShop Small Business Edition websites must be hosted on our hosting service, for a variety of reasons. One reason is for ease of deployment and implementation. In order to provide you zeckoShop at the reduced price reflected in zeckoShop Small Business Edition [compare zeckoShop Enterprise Edition at $10,000+] we have to ensure that the software can be installed, configured and implemented in as quick a fashion as we possibly can. Historically, when working with external hosting providers, there are a number of issues that arise as part of a normal implementation that require attention, and as a result it slows the process down and in some cases, requires significant time to deal with whatever technical issues the host service is presenting us with.

There is a plethora of hosting services out there, and we’ve even encountered some that claim to support the technologies we require of them, only to find later that they don’t support them. With the Small Business Edition, we need to eliminate any potential issues presented by external hosts, and with that in place, we can provide a smoother, faster implementation.

Who is the Premium hosting plan designed for?

Terracor offers a premium hosting plan, for clients who want to have their website hosted on a shared server, with limited other clients. Under this plan, we will host your website on a hosting web server, dedicated to a maximum of no more than 5 clients in total.

The benefit of the Premium hosting plan is that it offers the same benefits and features as the Advanced hosting plan, however, the Premium plan effectively reduces your exposure to risk by having your website host server shared with fewer clients.

  1. zeckoShop Mobile hosting plan applies only to hosting of the zeckoShop Mobile solution and services. If you are also hosting your zeckoShop website on Terracor’s hosting services, you will need to select the Balanced hosting plan.
  2. These prices are subject to change without prior notice, however prices will be held firm during your current twelve month plan.
  3. Additional plans are also available upon request. We can also create a custom plan designed to meet your exact requirements.
  4. 24/7 host server monitoring does not include website-specific technical support. Please see our Client Care plans for website-specific support services.

* Additional units are available for purchase at the following rates:

Hosted Domains $10/month
Dedicated IP Addresses $8/month
MySQL Databases $10/month